Desolation (Finale)

Daniels grabs up the mini gun with his left hand by the mount located on top of this behemoth of a weapon, and grasps the the energy pack that goes with it. With a few clicks and snaps, the mini gun is connected directly to this lightweight azure colored pack.

Garld stands next to him, “This is suicide. You’re going to die as soon as you step foot in that room! Even with that!”

“I’ll take my chances, Garld. I just need you to get me the access to that area, unhindered. Let me worry about how this ends.” Lee Daniels said, looking at Garld straight in his Regent race eyes. “But I recommend getting far away from this place.”

An alarm suddenly blurts out. High pitched triple pulse.

“Lockdown!” Garld exclaimed as he took cover.

Daniels grinned from ear to ear underneath his crusader visor.

Garld immediately reaches up to his ID badge, and yanks it off the cable lanyard, snapping it off, handing it over to Daniels. “This is the only way you’ll get passed all the doors. Regent troops are going to arm themselves and get prepared for…you, obviously.”

The both of them stood and looked at each other as the alarm blared above and around them. “Goodbye Mr. Garld. You’ve been a big help.” Daniels extended a hand to shake the hand of the Regent scientist. At first, Garld was reluctant to shake it as he looked at the open hand invitation. Garld immediately reached for it and connected with a firm handshake.

“Funny, you’re the first Regent I actually shook hands with.” Daniels said to Garld.

Garld releases the handshake and Daniels brings his hand down back to the mini gun.

“That minigun will be able to penetrate the armored surface of the reactor core, once you damage the casing, it will immediately become highly volatile. You won’t feel a thing.” Garld turned around and immediately walked away.

Daniels, gripping this very deadly minigun, charged forward in the opposite direction of Garld, minigun shifting back and forth in his hands, his amber armor speckled in amethyst blood, dented from debris and shrapnel. His armored boots clattered and clanked hard against the metal grating, passing a few corridors down, turning with the curves, watching the pipeline and the wiring above and to his side. Going as fast as he can, fully augmented in speed and strength. Being careful not to drain his energy sources when he needed it most.

The first door automatically swung open as he now held a security card, allowing him free access during the lockdown.

With a hiss it closed behind him. One of many.

After the door clicked and latched closed, he continued his furious speed and aggression onward. As soon as he turned the corner, a squad sized element were standing guard at their armory. Daniels had the element of surprise as he whipped around the corner like a sports car hitting 75 miles an hour on a 50 miles an hour curve. His finger depressed the minigun trigger, and a giant machine whirl sound opened up, spitting out a burst of 50 rounds in a matter of seconds. Blue flames out the front of the 8 cylinder barrel system, instantly vaporizing the squad at the blink of an eye. The bullets proceeded further into the walls and set off an explosion in the armory room, with the screams of dying Regent as they burned to death.

Daniels ended their suffering by firing more into the armory.

The door leading to another corridor towards the reactor core was slightly damaged, and with a kick from his left heel, the door gave up.

A swarm of energy rounds headed directly towards Daniels, there must have been a large defense force waiting for his arrival. He immediately drops his speed augmentation and puts it on full armor. He, in all aspects, was virtually invincible – for a short period of time. His amber armor was taking a huge beating, but Daniels stood his ground and didn’t budge as the minigun opened up decimating the defense party. Their screams of horror and demoralized shouts were deafened by the sheer power of this magnificent weapon system.

Daniels heard heavier troops heading his way, and they already started to fire their weapons before they even saw him, at his direction. Basic principles of fire superiority. Fire enough rounds in the general direction of where it’s coming from, as a distraction. Daniels clambered on, stepping on pieces of Regent flesh and bones, and the sticky clotted pools of blood. He was running out of time until his suit needed to recharge itself for more damage, and he needed to charge fast.

And so began his descent into Hell itself, as dozens of troops were prepared. Some carried grenade launchers, missile launchers, pistols, rifles, high powered rifles, plasma and other various energy weapons. This was their last stand. This human was here to destroy everything they worked for. And they had a reason to use all necessary measures to kill Lee Daniels.

As soon as he turned the corner and the reactor core room was within eyesight, Daniels was immediately bombarded with heavy ordnance. His armor began to falter from the rounds and the shrapnel. A high impact round entered his left shoulder, and out the back of his armor plating. Wounding him severely. Still gripping the mini gun, knowing this was the last stand, immediately depressed the trigger, and the minigun roared like a ferocious lion, sending 1000 miles an hour lead bees into his victims. Moving it back and forth, side to side, making sure anything that was moving, was getting destroyed. Scientists and troops were getting ripped apart at various points of their bodies, arms and legs and torsos flying about.

Or what was left of them.

Daniels wasn’t aware that the minigun was just spinning on its rotator, as the energy pack was completely empty. The eight barrels were hot and smoking. And nothing moved. The only sound that was heard, was Daniels breathing, and the oozing corpses of dead Regent.

The blood loss was significant, as he felt the first stages of shock. Daniels dropped the mini gun and the pack with his good shoulder, both hit the floor with a wet thump from all the blood. The armor augmentation was gone. Strength augmentation was barely activated, and speed was disabled.

Daniels clambers over to the computer terminal at the giant trifold countertop, and several dials and screens, monitoring energy output and input, temperatures, fluid pressure, and so on. His mini gun now empty, he needed to manually set this thing off the scales and overheat it. And he needed to work fast before reinforcements started coming. With his good right arm, he raised up his empty hand and started adjusting everything at maximum levels, beeps and blurts were heard as the computer accepted all the new commands. Daniels could hear the clammer and the grunts of troops down the corridor. He still had time to make final immediate adjustments. With more beeps and alarms of confirmation, he dialed down the coolant system rapidly as the azure flowing and bright reactor core was now starting to melt. Unstable.

Shock started its second stage, and it put Daniels to his knees. Losing balance and putting his back up against the computer terminal counter. His breathing was getting ragged, his left lung was collapsing from the bullet wound that penetrated his chest cavity. With a quickness, he reached up underneath his helmet and lifted it off, tossing it to the side with a clank. Gasping and sweating profusely, trying to get air.

The Regent troops are getting closer, and the alarms are blaring loud, letting Daniels know that at any moment, this place was going to be leveled. Killing every single person. He closed his eyes, straining to breathe, and then opened his eyes through blur of tears and sweat.

Daniels saw his wife and his two children, hugging each other at the waists, waved at him. The smile on his wife’s face made his breathing difficulty worse. His veins in his neck beginning to distend, desperately getting whatever oxygen that his body can create to his brain. Daniels looked down at his suppressed pistol, and unholstered it with whatever natural strength he had left, with the hammer still pulled back. His hand is shaky, pulse is getting rapid and weak. Daniels holds it straight out in front of him, waiting for the enemy to swarm him.

He doesn’t get the chance to pull the trigger one last time, as the reactor core reacts to the high temperatures, setting off a cataclysmic explosion. The shudder and aftershock was felt for miles and miles, disturbing wildlife and plant life. The rogue Regent fortress was decimated, leaving nothing but a crater. The fire and smoke emitted for weeks as the wreckage slowly burned itself out.

Weeks later:

The WEC claimed no responsibility to the loss of the rogue Regent base, all of the rogue agents among the senate were arrested and immediately executed for treason against the Commonwealth of the People. For years, the Regent and the humans worked hard to restore their trust and relationship between one another.

In the halls of military affairs in the Commonwealth building, WEC Special Operators Division Seven, three names were etched into the wall, for the recruits walked into the classroom, and Operators alike, as a reminder for their sacrifice:

Jason Webber, Lieutenant.

Adam Stephens, Senior Sergeant

Lee Daniels, Sergeant

For exceptional heroic efforts, this wall is dedicated to the team who entered Regent battle space, knowing the cost of their sacrifice full heartedly.

To Lee Daniels, who single handedly completed the mission, giving his life to the cause, and fought to the very end.

The End

Desolation (part 6)

The Regent scientist still trying to pronounce proper English, stammering away as Daniels has his suppressed pistol in his right dominant hand. Pointed directly at him. The scientist does almost a crab walk and scurries rapidly pushing the computer cart with him, as it abruptly stops as it hits the nearest wall.

This room was as cool as ice, but he was sweating as if he was outside in the heat of the desert.

Daniels grasped the neck of the scientist, lifting him high above him with one arm, with the suppressed pistol barrel digging into his neck.

“And I’m not fucking taking ‘No’ for an answer.” Daniels said in a low growl like voice.

Daniels looked down at the display of his ID badge, with the happy smile of the now horrifically scared Regent in his hand. Seeing his name, and his title under the name, “Special Weapons Analyst”.

“Mr. Dardgh Garld. Is that right? Well Mr. Garld… what say you?” As Daniels clicks back the hammer to his pistol. Garld stammers and replies, “O-o-okay!!! Okay!!!! Just let me go!!!” He finally gained some vocal stability. As requested, Daniels let Garld go in mid-air and Garld clambers to the ground, rolling his ankle. “Ouch! I didn’t mean it literally!” He exclaimed as he sucked in air through his teeth holding his ankle, moving back and forth embracing the pain.

Daniels then holsters his pistol with a click as it secured itself, leaving the hammer locked back.

He then walks over to the computer terminal in the icy cold lab, well lit, and well protected. With a key press he opens up a command prompt. Daniels then enters the password,

“Enigma Five”

The computer beeps rapidly and the screen changes rapidly to different windows. With a few rapid strikes against the keyboard, he accessed some of the records of various locations and buildings in each Regent and WEC facility.

He searches through schematics and stumbles upon floor plans of important locations.

“How… how do you know where to go? Those terminals are encrypted!” Garld said still holding his ankle, looking up at him from the floor.

Daniels says nothing, suddenly points to the screen at a location in the base, the main core that he needs to get to and destroy.

“I need to get here.” He said without looking at Garld.

“You know how many grunts will be there to protect that? It’s on constant 24 hour surveillance, plus roving patrols! It’ll be walking into an ambush!”

The word ambush suddenly brings Lee Daniels into memory land, briefly.

Daniels hits the dirt as the team he’s brand new and assigned to is attacked brutally by Regent forces wearing stealth optical camouflage. The first time they ever encountered rogue Regent forces when war was first declared. Both sides of the path was nothing more than a blood bath. Daniels low crawls into a ditch and sees one of his comrades bleeding profusely from the throat. Daniels immediately grasps this soldiers throat with his bare hands to stop the bleeding.

“We…we walked into an ambush, Daniels. Leave me here.” Reynolds, a new soldier just like him, said looking up at Daniels, gurgling on blood and choking as he coughed. Speckles of crimson was on Daniels face.

“Leave me…and get out of here alive.” Reynolds said as the gurgling got worse, as bullets and energy weapons were still firing over them. Daniels watched Reynolds eyes roll back into his head, as he slipped further into decompensated shock from airway complications and blood loss.

And then, Daniels felt the pulse disappear in his blood soaked hands.

“You know nothing of an ambush, Garld. Now, I need a weapon. My pistol can only do so much. Where is your weapons cache?” Daniels looked at Garld through his crusader visor helmet.

Garld begins to start getting onto his two feet, no longer nursing his ankle. His hair was slightly undone, and starts to fix it quick while Daniels stared him down. “If I show you, promise me you won’t kill me. I don’t want this conflict as much as you do. I don’t have a family, I don’t even have friends here. I hate how things have gone.” Slightly limping over to Daniels, and looks at where he suspects his eyes are through his visor. “I want this over with. Just don’t kill me.”

“Fine, don’t get in my fucking way.” Daniels responded almost immediately. Garld walks in front of Daniels with his simple casual shoes as the heels and ball tapped the metal platforms down a corridor to the left of where they first interacted in the icy cold room. Off to the side he inputs several codes and the door opens with a hiss and a click.

“This is one of the quick reaction force areas where they rapidly arm up.” Garld points as he stands next to Daniels, to all the weapons lockers. “This side over here, from left to right, is mostly rifles and rapid fire machine guns. Explosives.”

Daniels looked at the giant weapons holding area and scans everything. He hadn’t been in quite an assembly of weapons like this in quite some time.

“I want something mass casualty producing.” Daniels said without looking at Garld, now barely swallowing the words that Daniels asked.

“Well, um…” he ended as he walked past Daniels and accesses another ground container as long as roughly six feet. Two feet wide. And about two feet tall. Garld inputs a few codes and the latch unlocks, revealing an energy driven mini gun. Hand held. The size was roughly three and a half feet long, from trigger to end of the eight spinning barrel rotator. A backpack with the energy pack to feed this beast of a weapon was placed delicately next to it.

“Will this suit your needs?” Garld said looking over his shoulder to Daniels, as Daniels walked to the container.

“Exactly.” Daniels said. Looking down at the mini gun. The reflection of the mini gun could be seen on the visor as Garld looked at him.

Desolation (part 5)

The physical nature of Daniels lays sprawled out across the destroyed wreckage of the building. The explosiveness was enough to rattle the very infrastructure as it crumbled down. The bodies of several Regent scientists and warriors that were in the laboratory wing were scattered. Some in pieces.

Unfortunately, Daniels wasn’t awake. His mind was elsewhere. In his version of dream land, his last memory was his wife and his two children. But the memory of this interaction was becoming more and more fuzzy to him. He could barely see his two children’s faces, but their words still resonated deep within the walls of Daniels’ war torn mind.

I’ll miss you Daddy! He heard his daughter.

Bye Dad! He heard his son.

I love you Lee, come home soon! He heard his wife, the only face he ever saw in this now fading memory. As she gave him a big hug and kissed him sweetly on the cheek, knowing this was the usual routine and would see him for dinner that night.

Daniels gasped and coughed forcefully, ripping his helmet off to get air. His lungs were trying to clear themselves with each ragged gasp and cough, his eyes were bloodshot. It was relatively dark, due to the blast taking out the power and integrity of the building. He tries to move and grits his teeth as his legs refused to function. Forcing them to bend at the knees so he can stand on his own two armored feet, he lifts himself up by rolling onto his side to go prone, pushing himself up to stand.

Picking back up his helmet, he begins to search for his battle rifle. Moving materials and twisted metal pieces. Due to the impact of heavier objects, it dents the upper receiver and also part of the barrel, making the weapon completely inoperable. He curses at the sight of his damaged rifle, and releases all of his magazines for it from his combat load.

No sense in carrying the ammo for a bad rifle. Daniels said as he checked his suppressed pistol. Amazingly, untouched and still functional as he grips the slide back to reveal the chamber which held a round ready for action. Letting it go, the slide rams back home with a metal clang. Daniels lowers his arm to his side, with pistol still in hand.

I still need to find my way in the center, and destroy the rest of the place.

He makes his way across where the azure light once came from, littered in bodies as he stepped over pieces and fragments of Regent members. Amethyst blood could be seen splattered across the walls and among the wreckage. Daniels approaches a door, damaged by the concussive blast. This special pneumatic door would normally open at the center, opening the top and bottom. Due to no power, he had to muscle his way through this.

Holstering his pistol, he augmented his suit to maximum strength, shoving his armored gloves fingers through the gap in the center and begins to pry the door open. His left hand grasped the top, and his right hand grasped the bottom. With all of his might, and the suits capability, the pneumatic door starts to crack open.

Come home soon. He heard her voice again. As if she was next to him. He stopped and turned to his right to look over his shoulder. There she was. As if she was there the whole time. Daniels froze in place as his hands were still in this gap, deeply invested in prying the door open.

He looked back at his hands, blinked, looked back again, and she was gone.

I don’t have a home to come back to. He said as he rips the door wide open.

He steps over the now available gap and sees there’s a corridor leading to another wing. A slight stairway in front of him, leading to the next door. The laboratory room was strong enough to withstand the blast, as they sealed off the exits when everything went wrong.

The mission needed to be continued, as he started to make movement towards the small set of stairs, as his armored boots clanked against the metal panels on the ground. Stepping up on the stairs and opening the door by shoving his fist through the digital panel on the right. With a fast pop and fizzle, the electronic mechanism swung the door open as the door panel slid upwards. A Regent worker was typing into a computer system, slightly taller and much skinnier than Daniels. His hair was tied up in the back as the extension hung over the white lab coat collar. His skin a deep shade of emerald. His back was facing Daniels. The scientist caught Daniels’ reflection in the monitor and spun around, immediately dropping his clipboard and raising up both his hands. His eyes were a deep blue, and wide open.

“Y-y-You’re…” with a stutter. “You’re not supposed to be alive! No one survived that blast!” His voice was deep, and very afraid of this man who stood in front of him who shouldn’t be breathing.

“You’re going to get me into the reactor core of this fucking place, and no one is going to survive.” As Daniels approaches him closer, the Regent worker stumbles on the computer terminal and falls as he reaches out with an open palm at Daniels, showing submission.

“And guess what? You’re gonna help me.” Daniels finished.

Desolation (part 4)

Daniels decided this needed a bloody altercation. His suit was not designed for explosives or hugely hazardous materials, and since he wasn’t aware of what this chemical was and it’s ignition factors, he wasn’t about to risk his mission from failure.

Holstering his rifle on the magnetic mount on his chest, the rifle was slanted and pointed down to his lower left. With a quick click, he un holstered his combat knife. Daniels pressed his armored suit back into the depression of the metal wall, knife drawn with the blade facing down and away, with the hilt against his right shoulder.

A knife, always silent, never needs reloading. Daniels said to himself.

They got closer. Their boot sounds and their movement slowed, ever so cautious. He could hear their breathing. The armor plating clinking as they moved slowly and methodically. Daniels prayed that this side was the smaller of the group, and not of the larger one. Then, they started to appear, their energy rifles drawn and aiming down their weapon sights, sweeping the room with the barrel and their eyes. Scanning. To catch him.

One…two….three…. fuck… I’m on the wrong side.

They all walked in, all twelve of them. On his side. Daniels tried to make himself as small of a silhouette as possible against the wall. The last guy started to walk in, and noticed he had a set of grenade rounds around his waist band. He was the squads grenadier, as he was armed with a circular drum magazine fed grenade launcher. Eight rounds. Also a big muscular Regent. With a protective blast shield over the front of his helmet. Daniels slowly, very slowly, slid out from the wall depression and lowered his silhouette as they were all distracted searching the room.

“Where did he fucking go?” One of the Regent riflemen said.

“Look everywhere, this room is dangerous as it is.”

Daniels holstered his combat knife, and detached his battle rifle. Bringing up the sights to his crusader visor, and using its combat optics, he zeroes in on one of the grenade packs the grenadier is carrying. He only has one shot, and if he misses, his plan was to go full auto on the pallets and blow the entire room up, painting it various shades of purple.

He took a deep breath, and slowly eases it out. Finger over the trigger. Waiting for his heart to thump a little slower. The time was right. The air was still. He squeezes the trigger and a round begins its rotations down the barrel before it leaves and begins to tumble in the direction of the grenade pack. The rifle sound attracted the attention of the Regent hunting team, as they turn and begin to react to the weapons fire. The round barely hits home through the grenade, and the pack instantly explodes, disintegrating the grenadier, sending amethyst blood and shrapnel everywhere into the closest objects. Regent troops, and highly volatile azure chemicals with a skull and crossbones placard. Shrapnel pass through the nearest troops. And sets a chain reaction to the pallets from the grenade packs accelerant, hot fiery concussive blast. They immediately react and begin to explode in an ear deafening, earth quake shaking effect, vaporizing the Regent assault team, and destroying the cargo area entirely with twisted metal and bits alike.The concussion throws Daniels clear across the laboratory room, about approximately 30 feet from the explosion. It was all in slow motion in his perception. He slams into the metal wall behind him, the room goes dark from the lack of power, and so does the world of Lee Daniels. Knocked unconscious from the sudden stop from the wall.

Desolation (part 3)

He wipes the blood from his front visor, just enough to smear it to see through the purple. His hands on the joysticks and heading as fast as the ship can take him. The engines roared and hovered with a hum and a buzz. As he shifts left and right to avoid trees and tiny rock formations, the dead carcass flops and rolls with the full rag doll effect. It’s blood now beginning the clotting process, as it sticks and makes a wet sloshing sound as the carcass lands back on the amethyst pool.

Octavian base is coming up closer and closer, with a giant azure beam emitting from the top of a tower towards the sky. A cloud whirlwinds around its beam. Probably some sort of climate control for the area. Or perhaps the planet itself? Daniels was unsure. But the tower reminded him of a radio tower like structure. The base had large walls with sentries posted, something almost from the Medieval times. He was able to detect several anti-air weapons pointed at various directions. Double barrel, huge, recoilless weapon system, outfitted with a dark red beaming energy shield in front to reduce the chance of the gunner being killed by incoming rounds.

I need a plan. Daniels thought.

The distance between him and the base was rapidly closing.

He augmented his vision to see if anyone was manning these anti aircraft weapons, and detected it would take a few seconds for someone to hop into the gunner seat and fire the weapon. It was a risk. The sentries walked and patrolled like robots. They were close enough that, in quick reaction, he would have three seconds before he would be gunned down by multiple weapon systems.

But how long would his ship shields hold until then? Perhaps five seconds?

It’s enough to get this fucking ship over the base defense wall, ram into the closest structure, and I’ll have to come out shooting.

He shoved the control joysticks straight forward, jamming them in place with a broken fizzle and pop. He augmented his armor to the maximum settings to brace for impact. Daniels unslung his battle rifle and tapped the magazine upwards to ensure proper sitting. Underneath his crusader style visor, his face showed nothing but violence and anger. And focus. His breathing increased in frequency.

“Caution – pull up” the female voices computer shrieked at Daniels. It didn’t phase him. Not like he could do anything to fix it anyway.

“Brace for impact” the computer responded.

With a blink of an eye, the Regent ship blew over the wall, all the anti aircraft weapons in full form. He could hear the tinkering and tottering of rounds hitting the shields as it quickly absorbed the shock and penetration of each round. He was about to smash directly into what appeared to be hardened structure, two stories tall. Daniels, in all aspects, was ready.

As the Regent hover ship impacted into the building, the sudden forceful stop grabbed Daniels like there was an invisible hand and snatched him up, pulling him straight like an arrow towards the center out the front cockpits windshield. With his armor augmentation at full maximum capacity, it would keep him intact through his final descent. The glass shattered instantly and out came Daniels, like a fetus, head first.

He immediately reached out and absorbed the impact of the ground by rolling from shoulder to hip, and at once he was on his feet. Daniels snatched up his holstered battle rifle and charged into the structure.

The huge alarm sounded and resonated with a high pitch beep. The kind of alarm that makes you cringe and duck as if it’ll protect you from the ear piercing sound. Daniels, focused on surviving, noticed the entire facility was on high alert. Sentries poured out the upper catwalks in this laboratory. In the center of the room were scientists in their white lab coats wearing the same goggles that the guy he killed in the ship, carrying beakers and moving metal carts to this giant square looking furnace with the azure color flowing from it. All of their operations immediately ceased and they stood frozen. The sentries with their standard issue boots clattering to the metal grating. Their guttural grunts as if they were not used to hauling their armor and weapons.

With no hesitation, Daniels opened fire on the sentries, and started making his way to strafing right to take cover. The scientists dove to the ground, breaking beakers and trying to scramble to avoid gunfire. As Daniels strafed right, aiming at the upper left, his rounds impacted on several troops making their way down the stairs. Some fell from the catwalk from what was left of their severed limbs and torsos from the high impact rounds tearing though their armor and flesh like a brand new scalpel and Daniels was the skilled surgeon. Amethyst blood splattered across the laboratory walls and their pneumatic doors, and the corpses of those who plummeted to the ground below.

The scientists dispersed immediately, with their clothes stained in the azure mixture. Running for their lives.

Daniels dropped the empty magazine as it claps the floor, and slams another brand new one into the weld. His thumb activated the bolt closed with a loud clank, as it slid another round into the hot and empty chamber. Keeping his armor augmentation on as his best defense, he waited for the next set of sentries to appear. He could hear them come down the catwalk, screaming at each other barking orders to search the area.

“He didn’t just magically disappear! Find this fucking guy!”

“Quit talking to me that way! I’m in charge here!”

“Both of you shut the hell up and find the human! He could be anywhere!”

“You three, on me. The rest of you shitheads go on the other side. Don’t shoot each other in the cross fire!”

Daniels knew the potential to be surrounded was very high, if he could guess, there could be at least twelve of them looking for him. He hunkered down in what appeared to be a cargo holding area for all the materials that the scientists were using, as the symbol of a black skull and crossbones over a red diamond stared at him like a reflection in the mirror. Death.

He had view of two sides of this storage area, directly to the right, and also far down the area on his half left. There were pallets of potentially hazardous (or explosive) contents of this stuff, all labeled with the skull and crossbones. His best bet was to fire into a few pallets of these contents near the far entrance where he anticipated the larger group to come from, and having to deal with the smaller four. He had to decide quickly.

Desolation (part 2)

The small drop ship the Regent left at the crash site where his brothers perished became Daniel’s new ride. With his suit augmentation, he made his way up to the hovering craft. He knelt down, activated his speed augmentation, and he became a blur as he launched himself up to grasp onto the open port door leaving a giant gust of flying broken grass. The hover slightly shifted to the right, as Daniels weight was a new addition to the craft.

He pulled himself upwards and inserted himself onto the alien ship. He immediately drew his suppressed pistol, and walked down the metal corridor, lit with a dim white light that stretched all the way down, the clack of his boots resonating and echoing. His pistol was positioned for immediate engagements. Aiming down the sights, he moved onward. Slowly. Slowly….

He could see where the seats at the front of the cockpit were located. But he moved with extreme caution. With his vision at a normal focus, Daniels detected movement within the cab of the ship. He immediately shifted himself towards the wall to the entrance corridor of the cockpit.

“Zealot team, check in. What’s going on?” The Regent troop said as he spoke into a headset with a high pitch voice. Daniels peeked down the room, getting a good description. This Regent was shorter in stature, deep green skinned. It’s eyes were covered by similar goggles you’d find in a chemical lab, but not quite as obnoxious. He donned no armor. Nor was armed with a weapon.

He must be some form of an assistant. Daniels thought.

No matter. He dies.

Daniels stepped out into the small corridor while the Regent was distracted trying to see why the team down below didn’t respond. It was all he needed.

With a click of the trigger, a round left the suppressed barrel with a small puff of smoke.

Pfft. Click. As the slide returned home to load another round into the chamber from his 14 round magazine. The round penetrated the right side of the Regents skull, as the round continued to travel, the carcass moved with the round. Amethyst blood speckled the screen and the controls. It slumped over to the left, and hit the ground with a wet thump.

Daniels reaches the controls and orients the ship towards the Regent main base, nicknamed the Octavian.


Lee Daniels, human, Sergeant for the elite WEC team, hangs upside down from his tightly five point buckled seat. Unconscious and slightly bleeding from his head inside his helmet. The team crash landed on the enemy emerald and plant lush world of Xylon 4 due to being discovered.

The buzzing of broken severed electrical wires that hung from the inside of his small three man craft can be heard as it echoed on the hollow walls. The heavy smell of hydraulic fluid is in the air that had spewed from all the important ship connections across the metal surface. The front view screen has spider webbed and shattered.

His lieutenant, Jason Webber, is dead. His dark blue armor plated suit was visibly intact. His neck snapped from the initial impact as their ship crashed with no buffer. His head whipped back with enough force, lieutenant Webber felt absolutely nothing. The lights went out as if the switch was flipped off in the bedroom.

His senior sergeant, Adam Stephens, unfortunately suffered brutally. The ship controls were shoved through him, as his dark red heavy plated suit gave way and crushed his organs. He was dead within thirty seconds as his descending aorta valve severed, and filled his cavity with blood. The throttle stuck out of his left shoulder from the back.

Daniels, finally coming to, as all of his senses engage. Sight first, blurry. Smell next, blood. But from where? Hearing muffled as if he was trying to hear through a balloon, but can hear the popping of electrical wiring. Feeling returned, and he knew he was upside down. Taste, also blood.

Daniels vision comes to focus and gets the big picture as of this was a giant landscape filled with horror. With his metal plated gloved hand, he reaches down at his abdominal area to undo the five point harness. Just as he was taught in drills over and over as it became second nature. The spinning release mechanism refused to release and disengage the locks.

He grasps his black combat knife from it’s holster at his left thigh, as it was mounted upward to prevent it from snagging on equipment. With a click, the blade comes free and he begins to cut at the straps with a saw like motion. Popping as the nylon restraint begins to give, Daniels braces for impact – again. With a loud crack, the straps break free and releases Daniels. His muscles weren’t ready for rapid movement and slams into the roof (which is now the floorboard) with his back first. He lets out a grunt as the armor plating takes the brunt of yet another hit, and his internal organs that are encased shift back to a normal position. Daniels rolls onto his front, prone for a moment, and then lifts himself up with what is left of his strength.

“What in the fuck happened?” He said inside his Crusader style amber colored full face helmet. Heads up display fully functional with GPS and compass, and full vision. His voice carried throughout the silence of the ship. He then gets a glimpse of his senior sergeant, as blood already pooled and clotted around the impaled object, and the clotted river of it underneath him. Daniels approaches him anyway, and removed his helmet to check for a pulse.


He looked to his left, to his lieutenant. He snatched his helmet off with a quickness hoping he was just unconscious. The way his light brown eyes and uneven pupils stared up at Daniels, and the way his neck was positioned, he didn’t even bother.

Daniels dropped both their helmets at his feet, and sat down between their hanging corpses. His armored hands held his head as he sat in a tripod position. Letting out a deep sigh, he gathered his composure with reddened eyes. These two men that hung lifeless before him, he went through hell and back with on more than one occasion.

He wished he was dead with them. Loneliness struck Daniels deeply, a feeling he never thought he could have. Daniels clears his throat to try to get past the feelings he was enduring, and to clear his vision blinking through tears. Knowing that he still had the task at hand, and he was the only one that was now forced to carry it out, his sense of duty returned.

Daniels went to the rear of the destroyed ship, crouching down to avoid getting electrocuted by the damaged and exposed wires. The clicking of his boots and his armor moving to reach the weapons locker. He shifted his head slightly to read the digital keypad, and input his set of digits to unlock it. After a few beeps, an electronic mechanism clicked inside and allowed Daniels to retrieve his battle rifle and his suppressed pistol. Enough magazines for both weapons, storing them onto his rig that was embedded into his suit. Holstering all his magazines, and his specialized pistol, he headed to what was left of the rear exit.

He engaged his suits strength mechanism from within his heads up display, and ripped the door completely off its hinges. Flinging the door off to the side, his right boot hits the lush tall grass, and discovers it’s day time. As far as the eye can see without suit augmentation, he could see the majestic mountains, hills of grass, healthy looking trees that reminded him of Earth, and various creatures living in their habitat.

According to his GPS inside the HUD, he was off target by about 12 miles, southwest of it. A lot of ground to cover. He oriented himself to the northeast, and started walking. Not looking back at his dead comrades, or the wreckage, he had one thing on his mind. His mission was to destroy the rogue element Regent alien base.

The Regents, looked human as he did. They were much more slender, taller, and had deep reddish eyes. Their skin color would range from a purple to a green as the color of the grass. Mostly generous and helpful, they were very receptive and kind to the Human race.

Many years ago, there was a peace treaty amongst the Humans and the Regents when they came to Earth. They exchanged technology, government and official party seats in the Senate, coexisted with them, and all seemed well.

Evil lurked in the shadows in their ranks. Then one day, it exposed itself, as their own secret army took over. Wiping out the government on Earth, and even killing their own kind that stood in their way.

To this day, Earth is under siege by this threat.

As Daniels started to walk, battle rifle in hand, he heard a faint humming and buzzing sound from behind. He looked behind him and detected an alien ship about the size of his obliterated ship, heading in his direction. Assuming they were looking for the wreckage. Immediately he dove to the ground to drop his silhouette. The alien ship hovered above the wreckage, as the bay doors from the side of it opened up. Four Regent troops, with their resonating red armor and sophisticated plating, dropped down.

With a few thumps, he heard them crunch the grass and broken pieces of the ship and start walking the wreckage, rifles drawn.

Four of them, and one of me. Easy odds.

Instead of hiding and allowing them to pass, Daniels wanted to slaughter them, and watch their amethyst colored blood be splattered across the grassy green fields. He popped up to a kneeling position and shouldered his battle rifle, looking down the close combat optics. Watching their movement to find the last guy in their four man team. The three entered the wreckage through the ripped open door, and the last guy stood outside. He was looking left and right, gaining his perspective of the field and trying to look for anything abnormal.

Daniels armor was amber, the grass was green. A horrible combination to camouflage himself.

As soon as Daniels breathing slowed, his trigger finger slipped into the trigger weld and squeezed off a round. A loud crack was heard, and a round came spiraling down the numerous twists in the barrel. It quickly took flight and sped across the grassy field, penetrating into the head of the alien. Daniels saw what was left of its head completely destroyed by the heavy impact round, along with the blood and brain matter that painted the wreckage. He activated his speed enhancement and rapidly made movement towards the wreckage, battle rifle cradled in his deadly hands. The second alien came out to investigate, and by the time he noticed a fast moving amber blur registered in his brain, Daniels switched his enhancement to strength again, and rifle butted the alien straight into the chest. He felt and heard the crunch of bones breaking as the chest cave in, almost shoving the rifle butt through the chest. This one let out an ear piercing shriek as it died by the hands of Daniels.

He hugged the wreckage with his left shoulder, away from the destroyed door. Rifle up, waiting for the remaining two to exit. Instead, they fired their blue pulse energy weapons out the opening, hoping to hit whoever was outside. Daniels didn’t move a muscle. He was fixed near the door. He then activated his armor enhancement, to allow his armor plating to take much more of a beating.

The next alien stepped out, his weapon up into the shoulder. He exposed himself to Daniels almost completely and Daniels immediately fired off four rounds in rapid succession. Three to the chest busting its armor plating, and one across the Regent’s neck. The dying Regent alien dropped his rifle and grabbed at his hemorrhaging throat. Gurgling and gasping for air. It’s purple blood flowed between its fingers profusely, unable to stop it.

The last alien screamed “Nooo!!!” as he watched his squad mate die in front of them. It must have been a horrific sight. It was about to get worse. Daniels then grasped the dying alien and lifted it up in front of them by its shoulders, using it as a body shield. The alien frantically firing his pulse rifle into his now dead friend, the armor was rapidly disintegrating from the constant blue barrage of rounds. Daniels then, throws the carcass in the direction of the alien, knocking him off balance and into the floor. He grasped his battle rifle, without aiming, fired at an automatic rate into the chest of the carcass which passed through into the living alien behind it. Amethyst scattered everywhere, peppering Daniels armor and helmet plating.

Daniels releases the empty 20 round magazine with a clatter, as it drops to the floor. Grasping another magazine from the bottom, slams it upward and into the magazine weld. At his thumb, he released the open bolt to go forward and send another round into the hot chamber.

Now, he had four dead Regent aliens, and a ship that he could fly.

Leaving the amethyst blood splatter on his amber armor, he walked out and made his way to the hovering ship to commandeer. It was payback time, and Hell was coming with fury.

For Webber, for Stephens…

For Earth.