The Portal Queen (part 2)

Bravo Five was still in a state of unconsciousness, still in his equipment. The villagers of Heem carried the young Private into one of their junkyard homes littered in scraps of metal. There were dim lights hung above by copper and bulbs intertwined in the wires. One of the females, with long purple hair and big pointy ears, wearing a plain tunic, was dabbing the forehead of the Private with a damp rag.

It seemed the majority of the village of Heem was spectating, not knowing who this person was. What it was. A lot of confused looks were shared amongst the crowd.

She spoke to one of her male friends, in their language, and he got up to grab a special fruit from the other room. He cracked it over his pointy eared head, and as it split, the fruit juices flowing like rain, he opened the Privates mouth gently and controlled the little bit of the juice flow as to not choke him to death.

The Private immediately came to, and sat up abruptly. The fruit was knocked out of the Heem villagers hand, startling both the villagers that tried to resuscitate him and the room that was full of Heem. Everyone backed up very rapidly with their gasps and concerned glares.

He scanned the room, and everyone was similarly looking, all slim and healthy looking, various different hair colors, but all had the same ear size and look. Their eyes varied from shades from blue to green to even yellow and orange. They all deeply stared at him.

But he felt invigorated! It wasn’t the adrenaline. He knew what that felt like. This was something different. Was it the fruit?

A little Heem child walked up to him, fearlessly, and offered him the half of the fruit that was untouched. He made a sound, in his little voice and motioned it up for the Private to pick up from his little hands. The Private reached down and grasped the fruit in his hands. It felt hard as a coconut on the outside, but it’s inner texture reminded the Private of a watermelon like consistency.

He bit into the soft juicy layer of the fruit, and he could feel his throbbing headache start to vanish, his stomach was filling up with each bite to curb his appetite and thirst, the aches he felt began to disperse from his joints.

The villagers began to relax a little bit, not clutching their loved ones close, seeing as this stranger wasn’t going to harm them. The little Heem child smiled and laughed, turning back to his parents. The female who tended to him started to slowly approach him.

She spoke her language to the Private, reaching out to the Privates arm. She held it gently and looked at him, as she pulled him to motion him to a different room.

“Well, if they were going to kill me, it would have happened a long time ago.” He said out loud, taking a chance that they wouldn’t understand his language. She looked back at him but changed glances to look forward.

She led him to what appeared to be a pieced together bathroom. Many of the bathroom tiles didn’t match, or were in excellent condition. But there was what resembled a shower, and a half oval and half square bathtub they rigged to make it a one piece. No mirror, or sink for that matter.

Most of the villagers went back to their homes and talked amongst themselves about this strange visitor that literally fell from the sky. This young Heem lady was taking charge of ensuring he was well looked after.

She motioned to the shower by pointing, and making hand gestures to indicate water on top of her head.

The Private turned on the water, and the shower head spewed water from it.

“Well, at least they know basic hygiene.” He said out loud again. Without hesitation, he started shedding off his body armor, pants, boots, his MP5 propped up against the tub, his Glock 19 still in its holster, and was standing naked. He stood under the water, it was a perfectly warm temperature, as it hit his sweaty dirty skin.

He forgot she was still in the room. He turned to look and her face was blushing. She walked up to the Private and gave him some form of a bar soap, it smelled decent enough. The Private wasn’t picky, he figured a shower was more than a blessing. He nodded to her and used the soap to clean himself and wash his scalp.

She attentively watched, with her hands clasped at her front. As if she needed to supervise the stranger. She secretly admired him, curious about him at the same time. Her focus changed, and gathered his clothes while he was distracted.

The young Heem lady threw his dirty uniform in a 25 gallon silver barrel, turning on a faucet connected through another pipe in the other room. She poured some ingredients and the water began to change color from a clear to a smoke grey color. Scentless, but a strong detergent to clean. After dipping his uniform in the barrel, she left the room and went back to the shower room where the Private still was, grabbing a stack of clothes that might fit him for the time being. A simple tunic and pants that everyone else pretty much wore.

She caught herself staring at him.

Blushing, she turned her head and held out his clothes at an arms distance.

“Wait, where is my uniform? My, my clothes? Fuck. She doesn’t know what I’m saying. Fuck.” So he grabbed the clothes and tried them on, they were almost a perfect fit, as his damp skin started to dry off itself.

“Hey! Where is my clothes?” He said to her pulling on the tunic.

She said something in her language and pointed in another room.

He secured his weapons, wearing a tunic and pants, and saw the room she pointed. His uniform was soaking in this container.

“Oh. I owe you an apology. I’m sorry.” He nodded to her and she smirked, looking away.

“Um, how should I ask to rest, sleep, uh bed… fuck this is gonna be rough to communicate. Uh..” he made a hand gesture by placing his hands together, laying the back of his hand on his cheek and leaned.

“Sleep! Rest! Where can I do this?”

She spoke in her language and gently guided him into another part of the home. It was a decent full size bed, a giant foam mattress anyway. She sat him down and grabbed him a blanket from a trunk at the foot of the bed.

She spoke again in her language, and she briefly left the room.

“I guess she was saying to rest? I have no idea. But I should relax.” The Private kept his pistol and his MP5 very close to him, just in case he needed to defend himself.

He didn’t know who these people were, or where he was, but the Private knew they meant him no harm. In fact, they were very friendly. Especially this woman, who invited this stranger into her home, and has been taking care of him.

Before he settled down and drifted off to sleep, the young Heem lady walked back into the room. She looked at him and smiled a little, as she began to take off her tunic and pants in front of him. The Private’s mouth dropped and was staring at her beautiful perfect naked figure. Her long colorful hair that was kept well behind her ears flowed down her back.

She joined him in bed and laid next to him.

“Well, this is interesting.” He said out loud, but yet to himself. She snuggled up close to the Private, and began to drift off to sleep with him.

Author: Spaneito-435

Casual Twitch streamer, and an average bookworm! I also fancy my own style of writing! Please enjoy, comment, and read some more!

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