The Four (Ending)

After a weeks worth of travel, stories being told to the children of the Four, after the horrible loss of two of their comrades, slayed creatures and abominations of evil, and had beheaded Tadena, the deranged and dangerous brother of King Udrekving, they arrived back to the beautiful region of Briewell.

King Udrekving sat in his throne room, another somber day without a word from anyone about what happened to the heroes to selflessly volunteered themselves to find his missing children. As time had passed, the great Kings health declined. He no longer carried an appetite, sleep never visited his bedroom, his social life was down to a mere silence. His senior magician had tried many of the certain spells and potions to ease his suffering, but he could not heal his broken heart.

His two guards always posted near to his left and right, loyal to the death they were. The small controlled bonfire burned bright in front of them. One of the King’s advisors sat near him, going through scrolls of information and treaties signed, ensuring documents were filled correctly.

There was a cheer. And clapping.

The King lifted his head off of his right hand. Sat up straight.

The two guards posted at the side of the King sprinted past, armed and went straight to the double throne room door. Their armored plated feet made clunks against the red soft velvet carpeted floor, torches down the aisle burned well. The crackles and hisses hymned the empty lot.

The guards looked at each other, nodded, and opened the door simultaneously, only to be greeted by the town mayor, tears of joy as his grin was from ear to ear.

“My King! Your children have been found!” The Mayor yelled.

Suddenly the King’s color and vigor returned at the blink of an eye, and was blinded by his own tears by the time he reached halfway to the door. His heart was in his throat, beating away. His stomach was upside down and housed a colony of butterflies.

The mayor stepped aside as Victoria and Gene grabbed their father and hugged tightly, following their father to the ground as he wept deeply.

Khodesh and Haezid stood behind them, allowing them to have their much deserved time. The cheers were loud and deafening, as the entire town entered the castle and rejoiced in the return of the King’s blood.

Haezid and Khodesh turned around and walked away, walking past the incoming crowd, bringing in fresh meats, fruits, sweet baked goods, wine, mead, and all sorts of fresh juices. There was a feast to be made to honor their heroes.

“We should stay Kho, free food!” Haezid suggested. Khodesh smiled and shook her head, “Food is always on your mind, besides bashing people with your shield.” Khodesh laughed as they both walked down the stairs from the entrance of the castle.

The both of them stood there, after the crowd cleared slightly, and looked into the distance. The wind was beautiful, the skies were clear and blue, the trees bustled with nature and sang their own silent songs.

“Thank you, Haezid. Much gratitude, and respect.” Khodesh said looking at him.

“I am confused, why are you thanking me?” Haezid shrugged it off.

“You could have left me for dead, removed my head, you carried me for a long distance to safety.” Khodesh explained.

“Nonsense. I did what I needed to do. I wasn’t going to lose another person on this quest. And your secret is with me. And hopefully the two children won’t breathe a word.” Haezid replied.

“Good, because I wouldn’t hesitate to eat them.” Khodesh said as she walked down the stairs, smiling so Haezid couldn’t see.

“You’re joking I hope. We didn’t go through all of oblivion to find them, just for you to turn them into a snack!” Haezid followed her with haste down the stone steps.

They walked past the empty shacks and grocery stands, everyone cleared house to get to the castle. Haezid and Khodesh made their quiet exit and left, walking towards the exit.

* * *

The King stood on top of his serving table with a chalice of red wine, sloshing around and spilling some onto the floor.

“We must honor our heroes who brought my children back! Where are they?” The King exclaimed.

Everyone turned and looked.

The mayor looked.

His top advisor looked.

Murmurs commenced in the area.

“Father, they had a rough journey.” Victoria said looking up at her father.

“Would you like to hear their story?” Gene asked.

The common area was quiet.

The King picked his son up and put him on the table next to him.

“Let me tell you all, the story, the story of The Four…” Gene smiles and begins to tell the tale…

*The End*

Author: Spaneito-435

Casual Twitch streamer, and an average bookworm! I also fancy my own style of writing! Please enjoy, comment, and read some more!

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